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Fresh out of the oven

Hi, I just joined you community. I spent about 2 hours looking for one that has some interesting people that i can talk to. I did find alot of interesting people but the communities have like 40 sum odd members. I hope that this one doesnt get to big but i look forward to sharing some entries with you guys.
I guess i should start by giving out some information about myself. Um, my name is Adam Schmidt (Just call me Schmidt if you want.) I am attending a Eastern Illinois University and im going to be a Junior next semester. I hope im in the right age range, im kinda new to the whole live journal thing all together. I'm twenty years old but i can tell you that i dont look a day older then 16. Im just a late bloomer i guess. I'm kinda a stressed out guy due to school and work and home so i like to express myself in anyway i can. May it be poems, stories, or just wierd thoughts on the government LOL sometimes i can get really angry and spit out some interesting stuff. I actually have been really into current events recently because of this new Fahrenheit 9/11 movie that came out. I havent even seen it but i have heard about it and it has already broadened my perspective on the way this nation is being governed. umm, i guess thats it for now.
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