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01:06pm 09/12/2004
  Hello All
Just popped in for a good ole winge!
I think when i was asleep one night someone changed my name to doormat!! ok i know what ya thinking "well only you can stop ppl treating you like that"
Well screw you! i dont give a damn if you think that! ..This is my winge

PPl allways ask me to do stuff and most of the time i dont mind,,,but if i say no to them they get all pissy!,, i mean what the hell is wrong with them!
A mate even asked me to take her kid to the school play becouse she could not be assed! but expected me to!
and as for a certain person who is not working! and spends the whole time saying " im so sorry im such a burden im so sorry im so useless"
Stop the i feel sorry for myself shit and GO GET A JOB!!! there is no reason why they cant work apart from there a lazy ass!!!
So i work pay for all the god damn bills and rent and food and all the other crap!

well thanks for letting me winge,,,its been real good just to rant :-)
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Fresh out of the oven 
02:21am 08/07/2004
mood: awake
Hi, I just joined you community. I spent about 2 hours looking for one that has some interesting people that i can talk to. I did find alot of interesting people but the communities have like 40 sum odd members. I hope that this one doesnt get to big but i look forward to sharing some entries with you guys.
I guess i should start by giving out some information about myself. Um, my name is Adam Schmidt (Just call me Schmidt if you want.) I am attending a Eastern Illinois University and im going to be a Junior next semester. I hope im in the right age range, im kinda new to the whole live journal thing all together. I'm twenty years old but i can tell you that i dont look a day older then 16. Im just a late bloomer i guess. I'm kinda a stressed out guy due to school and work and home so i like to express myself in anyway i can. May it be poems, stories, or just wierd thoughts on the government LOL sometimes i can get really angry and spit out some interesting stuff. I actually have been really into current events recently because of this new Fahrenheit 9/11 movie that came out. I havent even seen it but i have heard about it and it has already broadened my perspective on the way this nation is being governed. umm, i guess thats it for now.
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Literature Critique 
07:18pm 13/01/2004
mood: annoyed
For the love of god, keep your goddamned whiny, goth emo-induced all-the-world-is-ruin, despairing, grammatically incorrect, non-spell-checked poetry to yourselves. You wouldn't know death, anger or heart-wrenching despair if they smacked you in the head with a diamond-studded mace. My brain is bleeding.

[This is a general commentary after paging through random journal after journal of petty children whining about how awful the universe is because he didn't get lucky or she didn't get the new barbie doll she wanted or some other shit.]

::cleansing breath::
04:44pm 09/12/2003
mood: angry
Don't people know how to follow simple instructions, for chrissake?

Oh, wait. I've already bitched about that.

Well, I'll bitch about it again. Stupidity should be painful.
05:17pm 15/11/2003
mood: crappy
I hate my knees and the shit who's design they were, if there is a god he should go back to the drawing board and start again. I have had each of my knees dislocated at least three times (am starting to lose count) and have had them both operated on to stabilise them, and then what happens-they fuck up AGAIN. This is not on, I have spent over a year of my life on crutches and we are averaging a major knee problem every eighteen months to two years at present, I am bloody fed up with this and want something permanent doing, even if it means cutting my fucking legs off, at least then I would be in a constant state and not a fluctuating paranoid one.
Try walking down the street when you are watching the floor constantly for trip/slip hazards and are positively scared of going out when there is any snow or ice on the floor, my knees dislocate that easily that just slipping can cause the cap to pop out and let me tell you it fucking hurts, nearly as much as putting it back in, which I am quite accomplished at now :(
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04:12pm 21/10/2003
mood: annoyed
Why can't grown, presumably adult humans follow simple goddamned directions ... ?

It astounds me how some people have jobs.
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08:50pm 16/10/2003
mood: shitty
I feel ill, not in a specific cold or fluey(is that a word) type way, just in a general yuck and shitty one. Along with huge waves of depression and sadness, things are not good at the moment. Christmas is around the corner and I fucking hate it, having spent over 10 years working in retail, seeing people spend money they havn't got, the rank consummerism, greed and fucking hypocrisy that can only be understood by a family gathering at xmas. All sat round smiling and making pleasantries when you know you all fucking despise each other, there are members of my extended family (Linzis relatives mainly) who I would not piss on if they were on fire, and this year I have put my foot down and said 'fuck it' I will not be part of this charade. Along with all the other shit going on in the world, again I feel like crap, cant even be arsed making sense or typing anymore

fuck it
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10:02am 20/09/2003
mood: crappy
I had this sent to be by a male who is in one of the groups I own..

.I want to Embrace, touch,
Stroke, caress,
Make love to you,
Softly, warmly.

My lips gently
Nuzzling your ears,
Your neck, kissing your breasts.
Slowly building ,The embers within
To a raging inferno.

I want massage warm oil, into your skin,
Silky and smooth,
My breath hot against the back
Of your neck
Driving you mad.

My hands On your hips,
Turning you over again,
Spreading you thighs,
Tongue searching,
Teasing with my fingers

Tasting the nectar of your pleasure
That flows freely,
In response to my desire and
My careful massaging.

I want to feel my body,
Between your legs
Filling that empty, longing
Space within you
Slowly thrusting and receding
Till your hips Begin the dance that'
all their own.

Begging me,
Drawing me ever deeper,
Till all we know of the universe
Is my bulging hardness pounding in and out,
Of the liquid heat of your velvet pleasure.
You making me forget all things but you.

I want you to wrap your legs around me,
Your hands clawing down my back
Grasping my ass pulling me deeper still
Possessing me so I want and need you
As much as the air I breathe now so fast.
Till we both explode, Breathless, wet
With love's exertions, love’s peace:
Rocking in each other's arms eternally.

.why me? and how come I can not seem to push the right buttons with the one person who should be telling me stuff like this? Things are getting worse and I do not know what to do. we do not have conversations because well there is nothing to talk about, he does his thing and well I go on the computer.
ok so I am on a downer again, or is it still. I feel as....well I feel numb. I can not cry any more and I just don't know what I am going to do.
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More work crap 
01:51pm 18/09/2003
mood: aggravated
General pattern:

Someone presents something to me. I explain to them what is going to come up as an issue, what is going to go wrong, or possible alternatives. I get argued down. Exactly what I tell them will happen comes to pass, then I get to clean up the mess.

Fuck that. I feel like goddamned Cassandra.
07:59pm 15/09/2003
mood: bitchy
Manchester city council....vampiric, cock-sucking fuckers.

Virgin rail.....don't blame the contractors for delays, you pay for the work you fuckers so it IS your fault

message ends
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10:56am 09/09/2003
mood: irate
Why can't people just do their motherfucking jobs???????????????????

I'm sick to death of people who do a half-assed job and leave other people to clean up their mess. And someone else will always do it. Where I am, that someone generally winds up being me, because their not doing their job affects mine. Now I have to take time out of my fucking day -- and I have more than enough work of my own, which generally doesn't get tended because I'm having to deal with other people's shit -- to make sure the rest of their work gets done. And on top of that, I get to hear how wonderful everyone else is.

Goddamned motherfucking lazy-ass bastards.
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04:11pm 06/09/2003
  why the fuck would someone so intelligent and with seemingly so much to live for take there own fucking life, good job, ranked at chess, good social life, loads of friends (l.j and real from what I could gather) depression sucks, why didn't I try harder to get in touch, talked to him about the 'accident' and all seemed ok, fuck, Tom I just hope you've gone to a better place......  
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07:15pm 05/09/2003
mood: crappy
have had a fuckin' awful 2003 and the faster its over the better, my dad died from a fucking rare and shitty form of cancer that no fucker knew anything about, had the car written off by some blind twat in a Merc, who couldn't possibly have been looking where he was going and I am now in daily pain due to the whiplash in my neck that the doctor says could be like this for another 18 months, and feel generally shitty and ill

fuck it all