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I hate my knees and the shit who's design they were, if there is a god he should go back to the drawing board and start again. I have had each of my knees dislocated at least three times (am starting to lose count) and have had them both operated on to stabilise them, and then what happens-they fuck up AGAIN. This is not on, I have spent over a year of my life on crutches and we are averaging a major knee problem every eighteen months to two years at present, I am bloody fed up with this and want something permanent doing, even if it means cutting my fucking legs off, at least then I would be in a constant state and not a fluctuating paranoid one.
Try walking down the street when you are watching the floor constantly for trip/slip hazards and are positively scared of going out when there is any snow or ice on the floor, my knees dislocate that easily that just slipping can cause the cap to pop out and let me tell you it fucking hurts, nearly as much as putting it back in, which I am quite accomplished at now :(
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